Miriam Saleh, B.Sc., won the University project “Women ambassadors of Science”

Miriam Saleh, a doctoral student at our labs, won the University of Milano-Bicocca's "Ambassadors of Science" orientation project. This project aims to offer high school first two-year classes the opportunity to "adopt a female scientist," that is, the shadowing of female doctoral students from the University Milano Bicocca in STEM fields, in a series of meetings where female scientists talk about their experience, research and career prospects.

The meetings may also include formal and informal teaching activities (including laboratory if possible), role-plays, and quizzes on the research carried out by the female scientists involved, with the collaboration of dedicated mentors (both from STEM departments and from the Department of Education Sciences).

The involvement of female-only female scientists is motivated by the increasing interest in STEM among female students, deconstructing stereotypes, and providing role models that can inspire students' and female students' college choices.