Giotto, l’Italia. Beyond the image

[:it]Il progetto[:en]The project[:]

The project, supported by Cariplo foundation, aimed at increase, enhance, and spread the knowledge (humanistic and scientific) of different Italian Research Centres upon th eworks of Giotto. The chance was given by the exhibition “Giotto, l’Italia” (Milano, Palazzo Reale - September 2nd 2015 / January 10th 2016, curators: Prof. Serena Romano, Dott. Pietro Petraroia), adding a scientific and technological support to the historical and cultural knowing, to the conservation and to the execution techniques and work organization.

The project was articulated in two main goals:

  • new technical and scientific knowledge on the techniques used by Giotto, aimed at a better understanding of the execution processes
  • Spreading of this new knowledge to the public and the Cultural Heritage communities

The results included:

  • the production, collection, elaboration and diffusion of new studies and researches on Giotto's work, on his techniques and modus operandi, following inter-disciplinary paths
  • the promotion of a new vision on Giotto's work as a founder of the European painting panorama
  • the production of cultural contents and educational events