II workshop BiPac - March,30th 2023[

The Workshop of BiPac (Centro interdipartimentale di ricerca sul patrimonio storico artistico e culturale) will be held in aula Martini, Agorà building, University of Milano Bicocca, on March 30th 2023. The event details are available on the Centre website.

B.Sc. Miriam Saleh won the University project "Women ambassadors of Science"

Miriam Saleh, a doctoral student at our labs, won the University of Milano-Bicocca’s “Ambassadors of Science” orientation project. This project aims to offer high school first two-year classes the opportunity to “adopt a female scientist,” that is, the shadowing of female doctoral students from the University Milano Bicocca in STEM fields, in a series of meetings where female scientists talk about their experience, research and career prospects. The meetings may

Regione Lombardia approved a project with the partnership of Lambda

The project “Luci e ombre al Castello Visconteo di Pavia: Avvio del recupero della corte interna (architettura, affreschi, lapidario) per una rinnovata fruizione”, proposed by the municipality of Pavia, won the announcement by Regione Lombardia “Piano Lombardia 2021-22: Bando per l’assegnazione di contributi per la valorizzazione del patrimonio pubblico lombardo a fini culturali: innovazione e sostenibilità”. The Lambda group will join the research with non invasive in situ spectroscopic analyses on fresco

BIPAC '22 Annual Workshop "L’ecosistema Patrimonio Culturale"

The role of Cultural Heritage research on economical, social and environmental sustainability is nowadays a well-studied subject. The BiPAC Workshop ’22 presents the Cultural Heritage research as a consolidated ecosystem, in respect of the Law statements and the conservation and preservation needs. A complex group of heterogeneous entities that, cooperating, found a specific role in the society. Access:  The seats are limited. Please subscribe by filling out the form:

MetroArcheo 2021, October 20-22, Milano (Italy)

The laboratory team organized the special session “Recent advancements in dating methods” at MetroArcheo 2021 conference held in Milan at the Università Statale. Dr. Laura Panzeri presented the oral speech “The activities of the LAMBDA (Laboratory of Milano Bicocca university for Dating and Archaeometry): what’s new?”

Lambda at the XI National Congress on Archaeometry

Lambda joined the XI AIAR Conference in Napoli, 28-30 July 2021, and presented the last results in pigments characterization and 3D archaeological fruition. During the conference professor Marco Martini was nominated honorary member of AIAR (Associazione Italiana di Archeometria), together with professor Giovanni Gigante and professor Ferruccio Petrucci