January 2021

Restorations on the run | a "metaphysical" research

UNIVERSITY OF MILANO BICOCCA – PINACOTECA DI BRERA Event type: Video   Analysis and restoration on the “Corsa di cavalli nella stanza”, painted by Giorgio De Chirico. University of Milano Bicocca meets Pinacoteca di Brera for the restoration of the work “Corsa di cavalli nella stanza” by Giorgio De Chirico. Four videos will lead the audience discovering the painting through history, science and restoration. You can also see the promo

"Nel Quarto Stato". A book on the campaign of the painting by Giuseppe Pelizza da Volpedo

A new study on the “Quarto Stato” painting by Giuseppe Pellizza da Volpedo, exposed in Milan at the Museo del Novecento is the subject of the book “Nel Quarto Stato. Indagine interdisciplinare sull’opera di Giuseppe Pellizza da Volpedo” (Nomosis Editore), edited by Rita Capurro, Anna Galli (Lambda Laboratory) and Gregorio Taccola. The publication is one of the results of Mobartech project, sponsored by Regione Lombardia (PON FESR funds). The Lambda

Leonardo and Madonna Litta on "Dyes and Pigments"

A new goal: the results of the diagnostic campaign on the works of the exhibition “Leonardo e la Madonna Litta” at Museo Poldi Pezzoli are published on Dyes and Pigments (https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S014372082031809X). The work was possible thanks to the collaboration between Lambda, the Bioimaging and Molecular Phisiology Institute of CNR, and the Physics Department of the University of Milano. The paper is available here

New paper on Ossimo-Pat dating campaign

We published a work on the surface dating of some rocks from the Ossimo-Pat megalithic complex. It is a complex structure of 4000 mq. Giancarlo Zerla discovered the first decorated stele covered in woods in 1994, and the excavation continues since then. The work was possible thanks to the collaboration between Lambda and the research group of Raffaella Poggiani Keller. The paper is available here